Isle of Dogs

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It's a double-header this week at Mad About Movies! In our second episode in as many days, it's all things Wes Anderson and his newest film Isle of Dogs as we're joined by a special guest!


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This week on MAM: we discuss how & why "Rampage" was allowed to happen, bring you some breaking Steven Spielberg news, and fill you in on what John Krasinski could be up to after the massive success of A Quiet Place."

0:00 - John Krasinski / Steven Spielberg news
31:55 - Rampage
1:08:00 - Weekly Recommends

A Quiet Place

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With Kent stuck on a runway, Richard and Brian discuss all the news of the day including the Solo trailer, Lord of the Rings, and...Rob Ford? Then Kent joins the gang from an airplane lavatory for a full breakdown of A Quiet Place and The Krasinski Curse.

0:00 - Star Wars news / Solo trailer
42:00 - A Quiet Place
1:26:00 - Weekly Recommends



It pays to be a VIP! Here's another exclusive episode as Brian and I dive into the production of Stephen Soderberg's iPhone debut "Unsane," break down the fallout from Ready Player One's debut and discuss whether or not Steven Spielberg's name holds the same clout that it used to. - Kent

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Ready Player One


Welcome to Amerca's hottest new Spielberg film! This movie's got everything! Freddy Krueger, Spongebob Squarepabnts, those 2 guys from the Sonic commercials, Oasis playing a concert inside the OASIS... Those are just a few highlights of our Ready Player One discussion now available on your podcast devices! GAME ON!

Throwback! The Italian Job (15th Anniversary)

Statham! Wahlberg! Norton! Theron! Seth Green?? Who remembers this little gem from 2003? Join us as we reminisce on the glory of 'The Italian Job' and debate why there weren't 12 sequels!

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Pacific Rim: Uprising

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It's robots vs. monsters vs. Jaegers vs. kaiju vs. bad exposition on this week's show! We're joined by noted Pac Rim enthusiast, Geek 101 podcaster and all around good dude Ariel to discuss the sequel to Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim! We also talk some X-Men news and Apple's foray into original content.

Throwback! The Royal Tenenbaums


In honor of 'Isle of Dogs' release this weekend, we're throwing it back to one of director Wes Anderson's most praised films and one that also ranks very high for a MAM host, 'The Royal Tenenbaums!'

Tomb Raider (2018)

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Another year, another video game adaptation comes to the screen! Join Brian and Richard for a full batch of movie news before they're joined by a guest to discuss the success and/or failure of the new Tomb Raider!

Kent & Richard's Horror Corner: The Strangers Franchise

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We very rarely talk horror on MAM, so what better place than the VIP to hop into Kent & Richard’s Horror Corner (careful with that pronunciation) as we talk the mega creepy Strangers franchise!! Grab your satin robes and we’ll see you there!

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Throwback! In Bruges (10th Anniversary)

Martin McDonagh just wrapped an impressive awards season run with Three Billboards receiving a ton of worthy praise. What better time to throw it back to a little film that has grown better with age (10 years to be exact) In Bruges?

Have you seen it? If we're just introducing it to you (or if you've seen it 78 times or more) let us know your thoughts!!

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A Wrinkle In Time (2018)


Disney is taking on one of their most ambitious projects ever in adapting beloved novel "A Wrinkle In Time" into a live-action film. But did it pay off?? Join us and a returning special guest as we break it all down with a little Trailer Talk and some Weekly Recommends on the side!

0:00 - Movie News / Trailer Talk
40:00 - A Wrinkle In Time review
1:34:00 - Weekly Recommends

Rants & Raves: ABC's Deception


If the horrendous experience of Now You See Me taught us anything, it's that we definitely want and need more magic-related crime dramas in our lives, right? Join Brian and our good pal Jason as they attempt to review ABC's Now You See Me competitor(?) "Deception" in this VIP exclusive episode!

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Game Night


Join us as we put the fishing touches on the fallout from the Oscars, discuss some new comedy trailers, react to some very funny and very unfunny comedy trailers, and roll the dice on our Movie of the Week "Game Night."

0:00 - Oscars fallout / Trailer Talk
36:00 - Game Night
1:07:00 - Weekly Recommends

Rants & Raves: 2018 Oscars

Hollywood's biggest night has come and gone! All that's left to do now is bring you our annual Oscars Postgame Show as we react to all the winners and losers from the 90th Annual Academy Awards!

What do you think? Did the Academy get it right this time around?


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While Black Panther continues to dominate the box office, we get a chance to dive into writer/director Alex Garland's newest offering, the high-concept sci-fi adaptation "Annihilation" starring Natalie Portman. We also bring you some reboot/sequel news, our thoughts on the demise of the "Transformers" series, and the latest drama happening over at the ol' DCEU.

0:00 - Movie/Sequel News / DCEU Talk
35:10 - Annihilation
1:29:00 - Weekly Recommends

VIP Preview: Throwback! Cool Runnings (25th Anniversary)


What do you get when you combine North American Treasure John Candy, 90's comedy star Doug E. Doug, and a bobsled? Nostalgic Disney gold, obviously! In honor of its 25th anniversary AND the currently-happening Winter Olympics, we're throwing it back to 1993's Cool Runnings in the VIP! Ya mon!

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Black Panther


Marvel Studios have seemingly outdone themselves yet again with another critical and commercial blockbuster! We're joined by a very special guest to talk Coogler, vibranium, Michael B. Jordan, and everything else Black Panther had to offer including where it ranks with the rest of the MCU, what the Avengers look like now and how Marvel can improve things (if at all.) Wakanda Forever!

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Phantom Thread


Join Kent and Richard in the VIP Club as they dive into PTA, DDL, poison mushrooms, and the enigma of Phantom Thread! And the man, the myth, the mysterious Producer Steven came along for the ride! Won't you?!

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