Each winter, we look forward to the coming year in film and turn that anticipation into a game. We hold a Movie Draft wherein we each draft a set of films (in standard serpentine fashion) and we dedicate an episode to this purpose. The game is simple: Each drafted film is worth a certain number of points based on its total worldwide gross and its Rotten Tomatoes score. The formula is as follows: Total worldwide gross (simplified) minus budget (simplified) multiplied by Rotten Tomatoes score. So a movie that makes 100 million dollars on a 10 million dollar budget and a Rotten Tomatoes score would be worth 81 points (100-10*0.9=81). We tally up the score for each of us (the total point value for each of our respective set of films) and at the end of the year, we declare a winner and, more importantly, a loser. The loser of the movie draft has to record a solo episode on a movie of the winner’s choosing.

The current standings for the 2019 Movie Draft are as follows. Updated: September 17.