Throwback! Good Will Hunting (1997)

Happy Thanksgiving MAMfam! As a thank you for a great 2017, we're giving the regular feed a taste of our VIP club with this Throwback to 1997's Good Will Hunting in honor if it's 10th anniversary. Happy listening!

Justice League (2017)

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After years of buildup, we're finally talking Justice League! We brought back Batman Shane to talk 2 hours of nothing but Justice League, the DCEU, and all that implies. We apologize in advance.

Murder on the Orient Express

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What happens when you mix Rey, Mordecai, The Green Goblin, and Kenneth Branagh? A MURDER! We're officially in Oscar season (I guess?) talking our first star-studded drama of the season, Murder on the Orient Express! Also Kent and Brian get some time to talk some big Star Wars news. Thanks to Blue Apron for sponsoring this episode!

Rants & Raves: Stranger Things 2

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No one can get enough of Stranger Things, and neither can we! So we're please to bring you a special bonus Rants & Raves edition of MAM as we give maybe 4% of our thoughts on Stranger Things 2.

Thor: Ragnarok

We're back in the MCU this week! We break down all the best bits from Thor: Ragnarok, talk about some properties that might be coming to TV, and mourn the loss of the Dark Universe.

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0:00 - Shoutouts/TV News/Dark Universe
25:45 - Thor: Ragnarok
1:06:00 - Weekly Recommends


George Clooney is back in the directors chair...but should he be? Join us as we attempt to justify "Suburbicon," discuss some Star Wars bits and the cast of Jon Favreau's "Lion King."

Rants & Raves: 2017 TV Pilots

It's time for our annual discussion where we watch all of the network TV pilots and break down all the good, bad, awkward, and downright embarrassing that this year's pilot season had to offer.


Get ready to take cover...a GEOSTORM is coming. Yeah, we're cringing too. Join us as we dissect all that is/was "Geostorm" as well as discuss some Star Wars news and that lovely final Justice League trailer. Ugh. What are we even doing anymore, y'all. 

0:00 - Shoutouts / Star Wars news / Justice League
32:37 - Geostorm
1:20:00 - Weekly Recommends

Blade Runner 2049

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Blade Runner is back! Join us as we discuss the reboot/sequel Blade Runner 2049 35 years after the original. We also talk Rocky news, the Pacific Rim 2 trailer, and the pros and cons of MoviePass.

American Made

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Tom Cruise continues to go all out for our enjoyment, and this one is no different. Join us as we discuss the enigma of Cruise and his newest film American Made as well as discuss Fast 9, the new season of Curb, and have a little concert talk.

0:00 - News / Concert Talk
33:30 - American Made
1:14:00 - Weekly Recommends

Throwback! Blade Runner (1982)

Step in for a little VIP action as we bring the traditional feed one of our signature Throwback episodes discussing 1982's Blade Runner ahead of its sequel "Blade Runner: 2049." For more content like this, subscribe to our VIP feed at


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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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The Kingsman are back for a sequel so I guess that mean's we're obligated to talk about it? Join us for a review of the Golden Circle, plenty of LBJ and Teddy Roosevelt talk, and our preview of CBS' newest spinoff "Geriatric Sheldon."

0:00 - News / Trailers / CBS
35:42 - Kingsman: The Golden Circle
1:18:00 - Weekly Recommends


Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.38.27 PM.png

This week we discuss the enigma of Darren Aronofsky and his newest film "Mother!" that people just can't seem to stop talking about. We also get caught up on TV by breaking down the Emmy's. Bless you all. 

Throwback! The Princess Bride


Join Brian as he hides from Pennywise and is joined by Ariel from the Geek 101 Podcast to discuss the 30th anniversary of The Princess Bride! INCONCEIVABLE!

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It (2017)

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.54.49 PM.png

Brian joins the rest of the crew to discuss some breaking Star Wars news before Kent and Richard take a deep dive into the hugely-successful reboot of Stephen King's IT with a frequent guest! YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!!

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0:00 - Breaking Star Wars news
27:00 - IT
1:11:37 - Weekly Recommends

Wind River

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 1.07.10 AM.png

This week we get to once again discuss the work of Taylor Sheridan as we break down his directorial debut Wind River. We also react to some breaking Star Wars news and bring you some stellar recommends.


Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 12.29.27 AM.png

We are finally all back together this week after what feels like forever, and there's a lot to catch up on! Join us as we discuss Kathryn Bigelow's "Detroit," James Cameron's 50 Avatar sequels, and some nostalgic TV shows that might be returning.

0:00 - Welcome / James Cameron / TV News
41:44 - Detroit
1:10:00 - Weekly Recommends